Elmer Long

  1. The first step is for the leader to state his own spiritual condition, giving those in the class the right to ask him any question concerning his state.
  2. If this is a meeting of those who have not been in the class before, then he should ask questions to each person one at a time. The questions should be suited to each need. These questions should start with the beginning of the Christian life, then leading up to the more advanced stages of Christian experience.
  3. If the class consists of those who have been in such meetings prior to this one, then the questions should be concerning their progression in Christian life.
  4. These classes should consist of twelve and not more than fifteen (this was the rule of the Methodist Church. If there were more than fifteen, then a second class was formed).

These questions are designed for class meetings and not for "soul clinics." The distinction between class meetings and soul clinics is that in soul clinics the questions are asked to the group rather than to individual persons.

  1. The first series of questions should be aimed at those just started on the Christian way.
    1. Have you the forgiveness of sins?
    2. Have you peace with God?
    3. Have you the witness of the Spirit?
    4. How is your relationship with your neighbor?
    5. Have you a love for spiritual things?
    6. Any questions relating to Christian experience
  2. The second series should be directed to those who have been professing Christians for a time.
    1. Are you walking in the light God shines on your way?
    2. Are you experiencing the conviction for entire sanctification?
    3. Are you progressing in your walk with God?
    4. Is there progress in your field of labor?
    5. Have you desire for a fuller fellowship with the Savior?
  3. The third in the series should be directed to those who are increasing in the love and knowledge of the Lord or at least should be.
    1. Is your holiness increasing?
    2. Have you an increase in mercy, compassion, humbleness of mind?
    3. Do you have an increase in faith and labor of love?