G. Stephen Blakemore,"How to Know the Words are 'The Word.' Re-Evaluating the Legitimacy of Biblical Inerrancy as a Wesleyan Commitment." Wesleyan Theological Journal 51:1 (Spring 2016) 65-91.

Dr. Vic Reasoner

THE ARMINIAN MAGAZINE. Issue 2. Fall, 2016. Volume 34.
Posted Nov., 2016

When the Wesleyan Theological Society was organized in 1965, the doctrinal statement affirmed biblical inerrancy. Kenneth Geiger, former president of the National Holiness Association, wrote that the inerrancy of the original autographs of Scripture was the official position of the National Holiness Association and "quite uniformly, the view of Wesleyan-Arminians everywhere."

But the last journal article affirming biblical inerrancy appeared in 1981, although the journal published several articles attacking the position. I submitted an article on the subject in December 2011, which was rejected by the editor. Later I learned that he chose almost single-handedly what was accepted. He retired in 2014, after serving as editor for over twenty years, and the censorship was finally lifted.

The Spring 2016 issue contains an article by Steve Blakemore, Professor of Christian Thought at Wesley Biblical Seminary. Steve had presented this paper at the Fall 2015 Fundamental Wesleyan Conference. After a twenty-five year blackout, the Wesleyan Theological Society finally acknowledged that some Wesleyans still hold to their original position.