Wesley Stories

Joseph Beaumont Wakeley
THE ARMINIAN MAGAZINE. Issue 1. Spring 2016. Volume 34.
Date Posted June, 2016

Mr. Wesley was a great redeemer of time, and was always pained at the loss of a moment, as the following anecdote, related by Dr. Adam Clarke will show:

In 1785, with Joseph Bradford, he visited Dr. Clarke on St. Austell Circuit. Says the Doctor: "I was with Mr. Wesley one day when his chaise was not at the door at the time he had ordered it. He set off on foot, and I accompanied him. It was not long, however, before Joseph Bradford overtook us with it. Mr. Wesley inquired, 'Joseph, what has been the matter?'

"Bradford explained, 'I could not get things ready any sooner, sir.' Wesley replied, 'You should have urged the people to it.' Bradford explained, 'I spoke to them to be in readiness, sir, no less than nineteen times.'

"Mr. Wesley pleasantly remarked, 'You lost it, you blockhead, for the want of the twentieth] thus giving Joseph and his young friend a gentle hint on punctuality and perseverance."