Pike, John and Rebecca (Producers).Creation Explorers: Tracking the Flood [DVD]. Pike Pictures, 2014. 65 minutes http://www.creationexplorers.com

Pastor Dennis Hartman

THE ARMINIAN MAGAZINE. Issue 1-2. Spring & Fall 2015. Volume 33.
Posted Sept., 07, 2015

WOW! Fantastic! One of a kind. And much, much more. This production is no doubt, hands down, the most outstanding Creation DVD ever produced on flood geology. There are some real reasons for such kudos. Let me explain.

The script for this production was written by a young high school or early college age lady. The script was clearly laid out and it progressed smoothly. She was also the producer along with her father and her sister. And the time from start to finish of this production took six years. Research, planning, filming, writing, editing, and the young people themselves, all deserve a five-star rating, and every reward the movie industry has to offer. Of course being Christian only counts in glory.

The geology that they show cased is in our back yard so to speak. It is located in the areas of western Montana, northern Idaho, eastern Washington, and on into the eighty mile long Columbia River Gorge. The event was the great Missoula Flood which occurred a few hundred years or less after the Ice Age. The lake behind that dam was as large as two of our Great Lakes. The flood broke through a dam of ice. This water poured through eastern Washington finally forcing its way through the Columbia River Gorge on its way to the ocean. Estimates have this flood traveling at between 60 to 80 mph, and serval hundred feet deep for about two weeks. It was a hundred or so years before this catastrophic event was discovered that the idea of gradualism or better know as uniformitarianism began to control scientific thought.

It is a fast moving video. The DVD progresses beautifully by comparing the land features with that of Monument Valley, Canyonlands, the Grand Canyon, and other such places around the world. This team of young aspiring scientists went to some of the above places and filmed their own footage rather then getting something canned. These locations contrasted nicely with the geology that was left behind by the Missoula flood. And after viewing this in its context one only wonders why gradualism still has any force at all in the study of geology.

They also included many creation scientists. Among them is my favorite Mike Oard. Mr. Oard just recently completed an out standing DVD about the same flood too. Still another whom I greatly admire Dr. Steve Austin, of Mt St. Helen fame and his discoveries there, was also interviewed several times. Had they only interviewed these two creation scientists along with their format, it would still have been just as awesome.

As their ship, Creation Explore CRV-1, cruised up the river they stopped at many different locations and showed the geology of the gorge up close. These young ambitious scientists took their cameras with them as they climbed and explored the scares this flood left behind and its dramatic impact on that gorge.

They also had aboard their adventure ship a small Piper J3 Cub. They used that to get aloft to show the formidable impact that the two week Missoula flood had on carving the gorge into a wider channel. This neat little plan was used at other points along the way. Included were many aerial photographs and videos. It was the use of these that showed the power of what water can do. And this flood had all the elements it need to recreate the landscape in eastern Washington. As a matter of fact, for being young and inexperienced in the art of movie making, this group of young enterprising scientists mastered the ability of bringing out the beauty of God's creation perfectly in this DVD. Their video photography is second to none.