Donald E. Chittick, The Puzzle of Ancient Man. 3rd edition. Newberg, OR: Creation Compass, 2006. 274 pages. ISBN 978- 0-9640978-3-4

Dennis Hartman

THE ARMINIAN MAGAZINE. Issue 1. Spring 2014. Volume 32.
Date Posted Nov., 2013

Years ago the only other contemporary friends of Creation science of any consequence were the paranormal cults. Many of their leaders and writers were and are highly educated people who had objections to some of the evolutionary nonsense based on the appearance of things called OOPArt. This term means Out Of Place Artifacts. That is there is a host of unexplainable artifacts from the past that did not fit well with their scheme of evolution. This included fossils in rock layers that were not supposed to be there and also strange objects that looked like airplanes among hundreds of other strange discoveries. The list of OOPArt keeps growing as new discoveries continue to be made. Therefore the evolution scientists either ignored them, or trash them by questioning their discovery methods. Among the paranormal obsession was their belief in visitations from space, or in short, UFO's. This was and still is their main solution to many of the OOPArt discoveries which are very real, but totally mystifying to the evolutionary paradigm.

Chittick carefully lays his ground work in the first several chapters prior to tackling some of the OOPArt discoveries. In his first chapters he gives a beautiful layout of the Bible story of Creation. His view of the scripture and the garden seems orthodox. There he builds the picture of what man could have been if he had not fallen. His presentation of Adam, Eve, and later their family is one of easy brilliance. But because of sin, the God given abilities became corrupted. God then judged the earth by a global flood. In it, all life perished except for Noah and his family.

It is from this perspective that he leads the reader into a respectable compact OOPArt history lesson. His contention is that Noah and his sons brought with them certain technoloy experience from the pre-flood civilization. And in that technology many of the questions that the evolutionists ignored, and the paranormal wildy speculates about are answered. Their pre flood skills in arts, medal, masonry, and other such technologies would be used to build new post flood civilizations around the world. It is at this point that he very carefully weaves into the tapestry of scripture OOPArt.

He focuses mainly on Hams decedents to do this. For example he states that Egypt is known as the land of Ham. Therein he does a beautiful job of discussing the pyramids and the possible theories and technologies of their construction. Another decedent of Ham is Nimrod. Here he discusses the Tower of Babel but only briefly does he speak to its construction. He points out how these ancient people used pre-flood technology to navigate the seven seas as well as discusses the mysterious Minoan civilization. Chapter by chapter he reviews some of the most interesting discoveries in both Central and South America. He even includes man's possible adventures in air travel. He stimulates an interesting connection of astrology with many of the ancient buildings, stone structures and pyramids around the world. All of this is conveniently put into a Biblical frame work.

At the end of the book, he has two appendices. They give the most beneficial information pertaining to the philosophy of evolution. For example the Eve DNA study is an interesting case in the area concerning our human origin/creation as it relates to time. It makes much better sense then Hutton's arrogant and impossible false theory of uniformitarianism. This and other points are essential information for Christians to consider in the epic conflict with evolution and their millions of years syndrome.

From the stand point of OOPArt, the insight he brings is more sensible and true then that of the paranormal or the evolutionists denial. It is a thoughtful consideration of the facts as he sees them. The pictures are delightful too. His only weakness, if there is any at all, is the fact that there is so much out there, that it is hard to figure out what to cover. For example I was hoping he would cover some of the interest OOPArt discoveries here in North America. Nevertheless, Dr. Chittick provides the pastor or layman who doesn't know much about OOPArt, with a dandy place to start with out the nonsense of the paranormal UFO visits. It is clearly a Bible-based study of OOPArt.