Wesley Stories: Ingenious Reproof
Joseph Beaumont Wakeley
THE ARMINIAN MAGAZINE. Issue 2. Fall 2013. Volume 31.
Date Posted Nov. 03, 2013

On one occasion when John Wesley was traveling he had for a fellow passenger in the coach an officer who was intelligent, and very agreeable in conversation; but there was one very serious drawback - his profanity. When they changed coaches, Mr. Wesley took the officer aside, and after expressing the pleasure he had enjoyed in his company, said he had a great favor to ask of him. The young officer said, "I will take great pleasure in obliging you, for I am sure you will not make an unreasonable request." "Then," said Mr. Wesley, "as we have to travel together some distance, I beg, if I should so far forget myself as to swear, you will kindly reprove me." The officer immediately saw the motive and felt the force of the request, and smiling, said, "None but Mr. Wesley could have conceived a reproof in such a manner." The reproof acted like a charm.