David A. Croteau, ed. Perspectives on Tithing: Four Views. Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 2011.

Dr. Vic Reasoner

THE ARMINIAN MAGAZINE. Issue 2. Fall 2013. Volume 31.
Date Posted Nov., 2013

In this book Croteau summarizes his previous book in the introduction. Then Ken Hemphill and Bobby Eklund argue that tithing is the foundational base from which believers can and must be challenged to become grace-givers. They feel tithing is a good starting point.

Croteau states the second position, a post-tithing view on giving. Christians should be freed from the 10% model so they can embrace the view that we are under grace and not law. However, since the average Christian gives only 3%, this model amounts to the pre-tithing model.

The third view, stated by Reggie Kidd, is an ambiguous attempt to answer the tithing question with a "yes" and a "no."

Gary North argues that believers are in covenant with Christ and that the tithe is their payment to the church for their membership in the kingdom of priests. Church members who do not tithe should not be allowed to vote. "If your local church is not worthy of your tithe, transfer your membership. Until then, pay your tithe to it." Basically, North concluded that anyone can honk. If you love Jesus, pay your tithe.

Every facet of the Church is currently struggling financially. As a boy I heard a church leader attempt to clarify the "free-will offering" plan. He explained that they had been receiving all together too much "free will" and not nearly enough offering. We need to return to a clear position on tithing and Christian stewardship.