C. Marion Brown

In the days in which we are privileged to live there are golden opportunities about us. Progress has been made in communications, medicine, transportation, and other numerous fields. The people about us enjoy health, wealth, and knowledge as never before. Some of our forefathers who suffered to bring us the message of complete deliverance from sin, would stand amazed at many of the advantages that belong to us today and perhaps be even more amazed at our little use of those advantages. It is in such circumstances that God's Spirit has lain a yoke on men today.

Perhaps we are not unlike the cows that the Philistines took from their calves and yoked to an oxcart on which the Ark of the Covenant laid. There was a yoke upon those two cows other than the one hewn by the hands of the Philistines. The Spirit of God constrained them. So we embark on this mission being constrained of the Lord to pass to our fellow men what the Lord has given to us. May the Lord allow us to say to others, "such as I have, give I you"! We do not profess to have any new revelations, but only a re-emphasis of the great truth that brought Methodism to birth and produced Christians out of ordinary men and women.

We, as the kine, go lowing as we go, realizing that some will disagree and with disagreement often comes tensions. It is not our purpose to create or promote tensions, but we feel a responsibility to the truth as we see and understand it.

As the kine did not bring the Ark of the Covenant into existence, but were only called to deliver it into the hands of those for whom it was sacred trust, so we do not profess any unusual gifts, but only feel compelled to deliver truth into the hand of those who will cherish and obey it. The sacred writer states, "ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." So we commend this and succeeding issues into your hands with an earnest prayer that it will, in a small way, light your way to the eternal city.