Frank S. Page, Trouble With the TULIP, 2nd ed. (Canton, Georgia: Riverstone Group Publishing, 2000, 2006). 80 pages. ISBN: 0-9706117-0-6
Pastor Steven Stanley

THE ARMINIAN MAGAZINE. Issue 2. Fall 2008. Volume 26. Page 10

In this slim volume, Dr. Frank Page, recent past-president of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of Taylors Baptist Church, Taylors, SC, courageously joins the ranks of those resisting the pernicious effects of a rising, newly-resurgent, full orbed Calvinism. ‘TULIP" represents the five main pillars of Calvinism: T=total depravity, U=Unconditional Election, L=Limited Atonement, I=Irresistible Grace, and P=Perseverance of the Saints.

Noting with alarm the swift advance of five-point Calvinism within the American evangelical movement, the author sets about providing an easy-to-understand sketch of the history, personalities and biblical distinctions of the debate.

In what was to this reviewer a breath-takingly concise recapitulation, Page also traces the arguments for and against that view of God which claims that He is indifferent to the heart-cry of the lost and dismissive of the plight of the damned.

Page rightly warns of the sad consequence to the evangelistic efforts of any group that embraces its doctrines – a warning that has been woefully verified by three years decline in the number of conversions (baptisms) reported in his own group (p. 75) and references Wesley (p. 31) and Wynkoop (p. 74) in opposition to the more onerous errors of Calvinistic thinking.

The sad truth is that, even with minor quibbles regarding his understanding of lesser points of Arminian doctrine and our major conflict over the issue of unconditional eternal security, Page exhibits a better grasp of the history and doctrine of biblical Arminianism than many clergy within the Wesleyan-Arminian fold. In light of two recent articles: Collin Hansen, "Young, Restless, Reformed," Christianity Today 50:9 (Sept 2006): 32-38 and Ken Walker, "TULIP Blooming," Christianity Today 52:2 (Feb 2008): 19, the warning of Page is needed and sound.