A. J. Smith, Jesus Lifting Chinese. (1929; rpt. Salem, OH: Allegheny Publications, 2007). 253 pages.
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Dr. Vic Reasoner

THE ARMINIAN MAGAZINE. Issue 1. Spring 2008. Volume 26. Page 10-11

A. J. Smith was born again in March of 1927, while serving as a missionary to China under the Church of the Nazarene. This book is the account of that revival in China in which he was saved. After returning to California in 1929, the Smith family went on a tour across the United States presenting their Chinese mission work in Nazarene churches. God’s Bible School had just printed Jesus Lifting Chinese. At their first service in Phoenix, Arizona, several thousand copies of the book were stolen. In God’s good providence, forty-seven years after Smith’s death his book on the Chinese revival has now been reprinted.

This reprint omits the lyrics of “A World-Wide Revival” by Mrs. C. H. Morris. It includes an introduction by J. G. Morrison, a general superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene. In the text Smith included an article by Morrison which declared, “There is every reason to believe that another great awakening is just over the horizon.” Neither Morrison nor Smith could conceive of the greatness of the revival which occurred in spite of forty years of communism in China. The Chinese church grew from one million in 1947 to perhaps one hundred million today.

Smith’s theology is best stated in his most important work Bible Holiness, which he wrote in 1953 and Fundamental Wesleyan Publishers reprinted in 1997. Yet even in 1929 Smith was on the right track when he declared, “If China can have a Pentecost, America can, too.” Our prayer is that revival will continue in China, where 3,000 are being saved daily, and Africa, where 24,000 are added to the church daily, until it becomes worldwide — even reaching darkened America.

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