The Journals of Dr. Thomas Coke, John A. Vickers, ed. (Nashville: Abingdon, 2005), 293 pages.

In British Methodism Thomas Coke is acknowledged as the founder of its overseas missions. In American Methodism Coke was involved, along with Francis Asbury, in establishing the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Vickers is the world's leading authority on Thomas Coke, having published his biography, Thomas Coke, Apostle of Methodism in 1969. His research on Coke spans more than forty years. This edition of Coke's journals also has his editorial footnotes on the text which explain people, locations, and references that are no longer self-explanatory.

During his lifetime, Coke published six journals as separate installments. These were first collected in 1793. After his death a second collected edition appeared in 1816 with an introduction by Joseph Sutcliffe. Vickers has reproduced the 1816 edition without the introduction, but with an account of Coke's seventh voyage to America. This account is in the form of a letter to John Pawson. This new edition also contains a letter from Coke reporting on the first weeks of his final voyage to Asia in 1814. Reports by his companions after his sudden death on this voyage are included to complete the account.

It is always a joy to see any of the primary sources of early Methodist brought back into print. We owe Abingdon Press a debt of gratitude for this contribution.