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A Fundamental Wesleyan Catechism
by Rev. Andy Heer
Full color cover with a "peanut butter and jelly proof" plastic coating. It contains introductory material for parents, 115 questions and answers written for children, as well as other basic material which children should memorize. It was created in order that we might train up the next generation in the faith of our fathers.
The Basis for Hope: A Grid for Evaluating Prophetic Assumptions
by Rev. Robert L. Brush
In simple language Brush gives ten basic truths about "end times" which serve as a grid by which to evaluate all prophetic teaching. Gerald Bustin called this booklet "a return to prophetic orthodoxy." It includes a six-page glossary of terms. While both books were advertized previously, in the Fall 2004 issue, they were reformatted to a larger size. Each book contains 48 pages and sells for $5. Forthcoming—Call or Check our website for availability around December 1 or call (859) 272-5339.
A Fundamental Wesleyan Commentary on Revelation
by Dr. Vic Reasoner
An Arminian, preterist, postmillennial commentary on Revelation which incorporates the classic Methodist literature.
"In his new and fresh commentary of the Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, my friend Vic Reasoner, has done a scholarly job of rediscovering the glories of the old ‘gold mine' and has brought up some brilliant nuggets of truth about the true purpose and prophecies of the book with the resulting flow of blessings to those who read, understand, and obey." –Gerald Bustin
Hardback, approximately 600 pages, indexed - $50. Special through the end of the year—$40 plus your pick of one of the booklets advertized on this page.