John Goodwin, Redemption Redeemed. Expanded Edition. John D. Wagner, editor. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2004.

The Arminian Magazine 20:1 (Spring 2002) contained a notice of the reprint of this Puritan classic which defends the unlimited atonement of Christ. Editor John Wagner now has an expanded edition with 94 additional pages which offers a fuller text. This 2004 edition may be order online using this ISBN: 1592447309.

Selected Sermons from the Works of Adam Clarke. Salem, OH: Allegheny Publications, 2005.

The Miscellaneous Works of Adam Clarke is a thirteen-volume set. Volumes 5-8 contain a total of 60 sermons by Clarke, plus a tract, a short book, and two speeches. They have also been published separately in four volumes as Discourses on Various Subjects Relative to the Being and Attributes of God and His Works in Creation, Providence, and Grace. While either of the sets are hard to find, thankfully Allegheny has reprinted thirteen of these sermons in this volume. It retails for $12.99. Call them at 800-672-7500.


In The Arminian Magazine 2:1 (Fall 1981) the article entitled "The Three Dispensations" was printed with acknowledging the author. A later editor mistakenly attributed the article to Robert L. Brush. Actually the article was by Daniel Steele and taken from his book Love Enthroned.