A Longing for Holiness: Selected Writings of John Wesley (Upper Room Spiritual Classics. Series I). Keith Beasley-Topliffe, editor. Nashville: Upper Room Books, 1997.

This 79-page book gives a nice introduction of the man John Wesley and his work. This book provides the reader with several key selections from Wesley's journals, sermons and books. As a pastor I found this to be a good source to direct the non-academic layperson. The books size is certainly not intimidating, nor is the content. The editor begins the book with some background material on the world in which Wesley lived. He then moves into some biographical information on John Wesley, highlighting his conversion experience. I think many people would be attracted to Wesley and his valuable writings if they only knew the unexpected story of his conversion.

At this point the editor begins to share some brief selections from some of Wesley''s most important writings. Writings like: The Character of a Methodist; The Use of Money; and several selections from A Plain Account of Christian Perfection. My hope is that with this small exposure to some of the great work of John Wesley many will be encouraged to pursue a more in-depth study of his life and his work.

Respectfully submitted Rev. Andy Heer