Renew My Heart, Daily Wisdom from the Writings of John Wesley. Alice Russie, editor. Uhrichsville, OH: Barbour Publishing, 2002. 383 pages.

Alice Russie has done a service to every serious Christian by compiling from the writings of John Wesley, 365 devotionals built around his core doctrinal convictions. Mrs. Russie has devoted her life to the study and propagation of fundamental Methodist thought. Born into a family where her father was a Free Methodist preacher, from an early age Alice has been fed well in the Holiness tradition. Renew My Heart is her latest contribution of love to what influence Methodism has done to strengthen her walk with our Lord. As you read Renew My Heart you will find a rather comprehensive approach to Wesley's writings. Mrs. Russie has organized the book into themed sections, so one day follows another and each day brings more light to the subject at hand. By compiling John Wesley's writing in this way Mrs. Russie has avoided the trap of selecting a hodgepodge of thoughts that would not necessarily relate to each other. I would encourage every believer to pick up a copy of this devotional, and take a deeper journey of faith into the teachings of one of the greatest Christians who ever lived.

Respectfully submitted Rev. Al Stefan