In 1778 John Wesley introduced the first issue of a new Wesleyan Methodist publication which he named the Arminian Magazine. For the last twenty-four years we have attempted to publish a magazine by the same name. Our purpose is to articulate and defend the historic Wesleyan-Arminian interpretation of Scripture. The Arminian Magazine currently is sent free of charge to 40 states and 12 foreign countries.

We estimate that each annual subscription costs us $3.50. If you appreciate this publication, we encourage you to send a contribution not only to cover the cost of your subscription, but for someone else as well. If you know anyone who would profit from receiving this publication, please send us their name and mailing address. Pastors we would be glad to send bulk copies for your congregation. Send all addresses to Dr Reasoner. If you would like to know more about us, visit our web the Fundamental Wesleyan Publishers. Send all contributions to: Fundamental Wesleyan Publishers, 1370 Harrison Ave, Corydon, IN 47712.