Have you walked away from a Christian bookstore grieved over the superficial, and sometimes heretical, literature which is marketed? Christian publishing sells $4 billion annually. But take away the pop-psychology-self-help-feel-good books, the end-times fiction, the celebrity biography, and the opportunist author trying to capitalize on current events, and the average Christian book store would be left with little besides romance novels. We have become a generation of believers who are doctrinally illiterate and historically unaware of our roots. Yet the history of the Christian Church is dotted with classics from every time period.

Of the eight books described in this section, only one might be available at your local Christian bookstore. None, beside DeMar's book, are mass marketed in the United States. Yet all are worthy of your attention, if you are serious about understanding your faith. Fundamental Wesleyan Publishers operates as a nonprofit ministry. We receive no financial compensation for advertizing the first seven books. We promote them because we believe in their message. Any money recovered from the sale of the forthcoming commentary, described last, will be put into the printing of more Wesleyan-Arminian literature.