The Glory of the House of God, Joseph Benson (Schmul Publishers, 2002).

Adam Clarke described Joseph Benson (1748-1821) as "a sound scholar, a powerful and able preacher, and a profound theologian." Sermons of his were first published in 1781. By 1802 twenty of his sermons were gathered together in Sermons on Various Occasions, and Most of them on the Principal Subjects of Genuine Christianity. This volume went through five printings and two editions. A selection of eight sermons from this twenty sermon volume was published around 1817. This volume omitted twelve sermons from the larger one-volume edition, including a sermon on the second coming of Christ, the character of those who shall be condemned by Christ at his coming, two sermons on the future misery of the wicked, two sermons on the nativity of Christ, a sermon on the deity of Christ, "Principles and Practice of the Sect Every Where Spoken Against" (which defends Methodism), three funeral sermons of obscure names, and a funeral eulogy of John Wesley. This sermon, "The Life and Labors of the Late Rev. John Wesley" was reprinted in The Wesley Workbook, Robert L. Brush and Vic Reasoner, eds. (Fundamental Wesleyan Publishers, 1996).

After Benson's death a seven-volume set, Sermons, and Plans of Sermons on Many of the Most Important Texts of Holy Scripture, edited by Jabez Bunting, was published, but this set is hard to locate. Thankfully, we now again have access to eight Benson sermons. This reprint carries the title of the first sermon, The Glory of the House of God, and sells for $10.99. Call Schmul Publishers at 800-772-6657, or on line at wesleyanbooks.