Calvinism Calmly Considered, Two Volumes, John Wesley (Schmul Publishers, 2001-2).

In Volume 10 of the Thomas Jackson edition of The Works of John Wesley there are twenty essays which deal with some aspect of Calvinism. Some of these were reviews or reactions to Calvinistic works of that period with which we have little interest. Curtis Hale has reprinted eleven which have a broader significance in Calvinism Calmly Considered.

Volume one of Calvinism Calmly Considered has five essays, opening with "What Is an Arminian?" -- essay #23. Chapter 2 is "Thoughts upon God's Sovereignty," essay #24 in the Jackson edition. Then the longer essay, "Predestination Calmly Considered," has been broken into eighteen chapters. Alan Sell called this the most important of all Wesley's anti-Calvinistic publications. The last two chapters in this book are "A Dialogue between a Predestinarian and His Friend," -- essay #13 and "The Consequence Proved," -- essay #14, a short reaction to Augustus Toplady.

Hale wrote, "Calvinism Calmly Considered is a compilation of books John Wesley wrote, placed in a logical progression and broken down into smaller chapters for ease of readability. However, no other changes have been made. The sections of the book deal with God's Sovereignty, Predestination and Free Will." This 96-page book sells for $6.99.

Volume two deals with justification, imputed righteousness, law and grace, and perseverance. This 58-page book, which sells for $5.99, contains six more essays: "A Blow at the Root," -- essay #25, the two dialogues between an Antinomian and his Friend, -- essays #15-16, "Serious Thoughts Upon the Perseverance of the Saints," -- essay #17, "Thoughts Upon the Imputed Righteousness of Christ," -- essay #20, and "The Conditions of Justification," a new name given to a letter Wesley wrote.

Hopefully, someday the illusive project of The Bicentennial Edition of the Works of John Wesley will include everything Wesley wrote on Calvinism, including three essays not even in the Jackson edition, "Serious Consideration on Absolute Predestination," "Serious Considerations of the Doctrines of Election and Reprobation," and "The Scripture Doctrine Concerning Predestination, Election and Reprobation."

We owe editor Curtis Hale and Schmul Publishers a debt of thanks for making available, in an inexpensive format, the heart of what Wesley wrote concerning Calvinism. Visit their web site at wesleyanbooks.