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Joseph Sutcliffe Reprinted

Joseph Sutcliffe (1762-1856) was converted in early life and was appointed by Wesley to Redruth in 1786. He introduced Methodism into the Scilly Isles in 1788. His life was one of "unspotted Christian purity and progressive excellence. In Biblical scholarship he especially excelled" (John McClintock and James Strong). His two-volume commentary, A Commentary on the Old and New Testament, published in 1834, is not well known, but it represents the early Methodist interpretation and emphasis.

We are delighted to report that Allegheny Publications is reprinting this commentary in seven paperback volumes for a retail price of $99.95. We are also very happy that their next major project is Joseph Benson's Notes on the Old and New Testaments. Contact them at (330) 337-0280 or for details.