The Letters of John Fletcher
Edward Cook, ed.
Reviewed by Dr. Vic Reasoner

The letters of John Fletcher which comprise this volume have been edited and placed in chronological sequence. By far the greater part are taken from a collection of writings edited by Melvill Horne, the clergyman who succeeded Fletcher as Vicar of Madeley. This edition of letters by Melvill Horne has never been reprinted. The remainder are taken from the biography of Fletcher by Joseph Benson. About half of the letters in this volume do not appear in the 4-volume reprint by Schmul Publishers in 1974. This paperback book retails for $9.50 + $2.00 postage and handling [Letters of John Fletcher, ed. Edward Cook (Yanceyville: NC: Harvey Christian Publishers, 1999), 192 pp]. Order from Harvey Christian Publishers (336) 694-1016 or <>

A Real Christian: The Life of John Wesley
by Kenneth J. Collins
Reviewed by Robert L. Brush

In A Real Christian the author, obviously an admirer of John Wesley, writes an interesting, easy to read, straightforward account of the man John Wesley. He rescues Wesley from those who would portray Wesley as a soft, peace at any price person and shows him for the crusader he really was - a man striving to be a real Christian. Collins provides us with details and insights others omit. Wesley's theological views on holiness, as well as the difference between a servant of God and a child of God, is a focal point that surfaces again and again. Wesley's faults are not glossed over, but his sincerity and godly character are never called in question. This book is an excellent introduction to John Wesley and Methodism. It is a must read for anyone who wants to understand Wesleyan theology and Methodism [Kenneth J. Collins, A Real Christian: The Life of John Wesley (Nashville: Abingdon, 1999), 184 pp, $19.95]. To order call Cokesbury at 800-672-1789.