Dear Pastor Reasoner:

I was baptized during high school in a Wesleyan Church, yet, I was very attracted to "eternal security" for fire insurance reasons. I was introduced to the tapes of R.B. Thieme, Jr. I have unfortunately listened to many hundreds of Thieme's taped messages. Thieme has also had a big influence on Hal Lindsey and they are both from Dallas Seminary. Thieme is to Chafer what Beza was to Calvin. He is extremely logical in taking dispensationalism to its logical extreme. I know first hand that the antinomian teaching of OSAS is based on the dispensational doctrine of imputed righteousness. When I sin God does not see me, "He sees Jesus," they say. Thieme calls this "positional truth" and illustrates it by a cross and two circles. The top circle represents our eternal standing "in Christ." The bottom circle represents our day to day walk. Thieme teaches we may get out of the bottom circle and loose only fellowship with God through sin, but never can get out of the top circle. His teaching makes imparted righteousness optional.

It was a major struggle to come out of this error. All my Christian life it has been a struggle to come out of error and embrace the truth and challenge of Christ's gospel. Many are preaching the wide, easy road as the gospel. Finding the IMARC website and Dan Corner's website is just about the biggest spiritual hoot I ever have had! Again, the Arminian Magazine is wonderful! Your emphasis is night and day different from what is going on in the generic evangelical Church.

Pastor Reasoner, your "statement of faith" is the first one I have seen since 1973 from a Wesleyan perspective that takes a strong stand for the scriptures, takes a stand against dispensationalism, and associates the baptism with the Holy Spirit with regeneration. Glory be to God! I am indeed wallowing in hog heaven! Thank you for standing up for Jesus and the truth of God's word. May God help us to spread His "tidings of great joy."

Yours in Christ,
Lance Fredrickson
Eatonville, WA