As one who was not raised in the "holiness movement," but was always taught that the work of Christ on the cross was both to justify and sanctify (as do vast numbers outside the "holiness" circles) I must say my initial reaction was of utter astonishment that Albert Outler should ever have used the word "Quadrilateral" in connection with theological authority.

I find it disturbing that tradition, reason, and experience are even mentioned in the same breath as Scripture. Certainly the word "authority" has nothing to do with any of them.

I suspect that many "Wesleyans" would, in fact, pay lip service to the primary authority of Scripture. There must be a large proportion who state that the Bible is their authority. But the other three legs of the quadrilateral, especially tradition, have grown. In fact after Wesley they grew very quickly to alarming importance. This is a fundamental weakness in Wesleyanism as we now know it. And this is why so many of us tend to go to Calvinistic commentaries rather than Wesleyan and why when addressing Wesleyan groups we find their knowledge of the Word of God is lamentably slight.

May God use your group, not to get back to John Wesley, but to the Word of God!

Warmest good wishes,
Eileen Crossman