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  • The following commentaries are written by Dr. Thomas Summers. This set of commentaries are special in that they are hard to come by. Dr. Summers only wrote from Matthew through Romans. While they would not be classed as "critical" commentaries they are very well done. As usual he does not let his personality slip. Every Methodist/Wesleyan pastor ought to have these.
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  • Commentary on the Gospels of Matthew and Mark.
    This was written by William Nast a German Methodist leader in the 1800's. These commentaries are not all that available.
  • People' Commentary on the New Testament.
    This was written by Amos Beinney and Daniel Steele. This volume covers the whole of the New Testament.
  • Systematic Theology, Volume One and Volume Two
    This is the complete work in two volumes as written by Dr. Thomas O. Summers and edited by Dr. Jno. J. Tigert.
  • An Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews.
    Dr. Henry W. Williams wrote another commentary of on Romans. He is a British Wesleyan writer of the late 1800's. It gives a sturdy view of the Wesleyan Methodist position of Hebrews. It is a large file but a very worth while commentary.